Gisela Swarting is a creative by nature and an actor by vocation. Although mainly working as an actor, her passion to create, produce and lead work that matters, has inspired her to take on many different roles as well as explore different art forms across stage and screen. Always in search of new ways of packaging her work.
Gisela is an avid writer and aspires to produce and launch more of her own work in the future. She wishes to create art that has the potential of making an impact while still being entertaining and independent in and of itself.
As she puts it: she loves to learn new things, but hates being a beginner! This drives her to constantly improve her skills and never settle. Before becoming a professional actor, Gisela worked as a classical ballerina with the Royal Swedish Ballet. She also holds a BA in Business Administration. A testament to her never ending will to acquire advanced skills in whatever field that inspires her.